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Sandra Nichols for Santa Cruz County Board of Education


Growing a Culture of Success
• Three-term Governing Board Member, PVUSD
• Retired Speech and Language Specialist, Santa Cruz City Schools
• Retired Project Director, Santa Cruz COE
• Education coalition organizer, CampaignSOS
• Former 25-Year Member, American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
• Published author and essayist,
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Vote for Sandra Nichols — Santa Cruz County Board of Education
California Assembly members Bill Monning (left) and Luis Alejo (right) present Assembly Resolution 1716 in August of 2011 to Sandra Nichols and husband Peter, honoring their receipt of the 2011 Tony Hill Award and for outstanding public service to the community.

This Is My Statement

I spent the last five years as trustee in the county's largest school district confronting the economic storms that have decimated our school budgets.

While some schools thrive and are acknowledged for high achievement, others suffer from large class sizes, severely reduced resources and limited opportunities. A Culture of Success that thrives in some schools must reach every single student in our county!

I want students to have classes that inspire, alternatives that meet their unique needs, and un-crowded classrooms. Parents need options, clear communication from school leaders, and peace of mind knowing their kids are safe and welcome at school. Teachers and support staff must have timely input in school decisions and be respected as professionals.

To the Board of Education I will bring 12 years experience as school board trustee, 31 years teaching in local schools, and an MA in Education. I have administrative experience in alternative and special education, and I have experience reducing administrative costs.

I am a good listener. Contact me whenever you have concerns and ideas. With your support, we will grow the Culture of Success throughout the county.

I would be honored to receive your vote.
signed, Sandra Nichols